BioMedomics Partners with iTry Youth Rugby

iTry Rugby is an inter-school rugby program established to bring the game of Rugby to the youth of Nigeria. This year, the event drew over 800 kids aged 12-18 from schools, communities, and clubs all over the country.

BioMedomics partnered with this exciting event and donated Sickle SCAN tests to screen each of the players for sickle cell disease and trait. Sickle cell screening is crucial for anyone from an at-risk population, and even more so for athletes. Sickle cell trait carriers typically do not exhibit any symptoms, but when carriers exercise to exhaustion, especially under hot conditions, they are more likely to develop heat illness, with dehydration, muscle damage, sudden kidney failure, loss of consciousness and even death. While it is important to understand that sickle cell trait is not a reason to exclude anyone from any kind of sports participation, precautions to avoid over-exertion is a must to protect trait carriers.

During the event, the Grand Patron of Kano State Youth Rugby Championship, the Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, in his remarks, described sports as one of the critical developmental activities that engender peace and unity amongst the citizens and stated that couples considering marriage should be very aware of their genotype beforehand, and more stemcell transplant should be supported.

BioMedomics is honored to have provided Sickle SCAN to these young athletes, and is proud to have partnered with such an exciting event that promotes health, community participation, team-work and sickle cell awareness.

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