BioMedomics Showcased at CED 2017 Innovation Room

As one of the 11 emerging innovative tech companies featured at the 2017 CED Life Sciences Conference, BioMedomics had the honor to present its products and recent breakthroughs both on stage and at the Innovation Room Showcase. The CED Life Science Conference is the leading life science conference in the Southeast, bringing together over 1000 participants each year, representing industry, research, investment and business organizations through out the life science industry. The 2017 conference explored the latest development and innovations in the life science and healthcare landscape. Being selected as one of the featured companies is in strong recognition of BioMedomics’ inventive technologies and strong growth potential. For more information on CED Life Science Conference 2017, and BioMedomics’ latest products, please click on the links below:

CED Life Science Conferences Overview

BioMedomics Product List

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