BioMedomics to Present at Life Sciences Summit on Nov.2

The Life Sciences Summit is an early stage investor and business development conference that highlights innovation. The Summit brings together emerging biotech companies and academic innovators with the capital and strategic partners to move new discoveries through clinical development. BioMedomics was among the few selected companies to be featured in the Pipeline Café, which exhibits newly emerged innovators and their discoveries.

At the event, BioMedomics will present one of its newest developing product: Quantative Hemoglobin S Monitor, an easy-to-use point-of-care diagnostic device that guides and monitors sickle cell disease treatment therapy. The presentation will provide details about the need for a rapid, bedside hemoglobin S monitor for sickle cell disease patients, especially those undergoing transfusion therapy, about how to use the device and its performance characteristics. The presenter is also available to answer questions about existing products, which includes Sickle SCAN, alpha-Thal SCAN, and Hemo SCAN.

To learn more about Life Sciences Summit and the Pipeline Café, please click here.

To learn more about BioMedomics’ products, please click here.

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