BioMedomics, Inc. Selected for RESI Innovation Showcase

BioMedomics, Inc. is proud to announce that it was selected for the RESI Innovation Challenge at the RESI Conference in Boston on September 13. BioMedomics will be presenting its innovative rapid point-of-care diagnostic test product line, which provides unprecedented ease of use, efficiency and accuracy for the diagnosis of critical hemoglobin disorders. These tests are CE Mark approved, and are currently being sold to multiple countries around the globe.

Additionally, BioMedomics will be presenting the research and development progress of new devices that are based upon the company’s proprietary, and patented time-resolved lateral flow immunoassay platform. This highly advanced diagnostic platform is capable of detecting biomarkers at the picogram-level, which is comparable to the sensitivity levels of large scale laboratory equipment.

For more information about the RESI Innovation Challenge, please click here

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